Walk in the Park

June 30 | 7pm-11pm

At the Spark Centre

Live music, Refreshments, Video Installations and more

Tickets $15

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Good Coffee

Served here at Spark starting August 1st!

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 3:00pm


Promotional Items & Apparel

Want t-shirt shaped like lunch kits? Lunch kits shaped like t-shirts? Pulsating led or solid gold bracelets? Spark is a full-service promo shop that has serviced the likes of Subway, Google, and Bioware. A full and friendly sales staff that attends to detail awaits you when you call.


The Art Gallery

Art classes, gallery space or painting parties we have 4000 square feet of gorgeous gallery space.  This is the aesthetic heart of our business. Got your own little art club or a few friends that are closet painters? This gorgeous venue is the perfect place to take the next step.


Event Venue

Whether you just need a unique space or you’d like help planning a memorable event, we’ll happily brainstorm with you and connect you with partners that will make it happen.


Business Community

We are building a unique business model that involves cooperative, sustainable co-working spaces, and it even has a start-up element. We knew Sherwood Park was not only ready but eager to host such a space. So we went for it. Our IBC is an iteration of this model with a twist: all of our members connect with creativity and each other. Contact us to see if you would be a good fit for our community.

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Spark Centre

116 Broadmoor Place IV

2257 Premier Way

Sherwood Park, AB

T8H 2M8

Spark Centre

116 Broadmoor Place IV

2257 Premier Way

Sherwood Park, AB

T8H 2M8




Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday
By appointment