About Us


Glen started the place. And he’s sticking around. Years of school… microbiology, art, education… yet entrepreneurship was his true passion. He is driven by art and creativity, and loves to figure out what you need and find it… and if he can’t, he’ll invent something, by gum!


Carling is our latest team addition, and she is pumped to join up! A background in custom home sales means she really hears what our customers need and is passionate about beauty and quality in those products! And have we mentioned she’s a real live singer in her spare time? You want this girl on your office karaoke team!!


Laura keeps our office running smoothly, and you may also end up talking on the phone with her as she facilitates your sale. Ask her about marine fish; she is such an expert that Marine Aquaria knows her personally (oh yeah, you can google Marine Aquria in Edmonton. it’s a big deal). It’s worth coming to Spark just to see our aquarium…and have we mentioned how great Laura is at keeping track of everything..? And she’s expecting her first baby anytime now!


Maegan will stop you at the door and you better hope you’re here for the right reasons, cause she’s a tiny feisty receptionist! Besides weeding out the riff raff, Maegan facilitates a lot of our sales, so listen for her dulcet tones on the phone and know your order is being well-managed! Ask her about singing while driving with a coffee – she’ll be downright exultant.


“Killer” Kowalsky takes years of reffing experience off the ice at Spark, where he fights to get clients the stuff they really need! A commerce degree means he gets it for the best price too! And a passion for the art and creativity that built our business means he’ll always search for something new and wild to distinctify your brand!