Art Rentals

Art Rentals at Spark

Many of our originals and canvas prints are available for rent. We are eager to share this work with collectors, individuals and corporations, and even students who appreciate art but may not be able to afford it! Renting allows you to give something a try, and experiment with new looks and pieces til you find the perfect fit for you! We will work with you to find the perfect image for your space and your heart. We have many Glen Ronald originals, but also have a variety of artists whose work joins our collection regularly. We have a current inventory of more than 300 works.

It is impossible to experience the true scale, color and materials of the art through a photograph. Although we post images ad prices online, we strongly recommend you visit and view in person before you make your choice.

Our rental term is 1 calendar month from start of rental, and the fee is 2% of purchase price. We require a rental contract to be signed, and fees will be billed monthly by credit card. There is no interest, and the rental period can extend as long as you like!

We request a credit card on file, and should the art be damaged you will be charged the full purchase price.

We know people that rent art they fall in love with will have a hard time saying goodbye, so we will offer a rental rebate of up to 6 months of rent payments towards the art should it be purchased.