Business Community

Co-working Spaces

The Concept

There’s this really cool new business model catching on that involves cooperative, sustainable coworking spaces, and often has a start-up element. We knew Sherwood Park was not only ready but eager to host such a space. So we went for it. Our IBC is an iteration of this model with a twist: all of our members connect with creativity and each other. And this building sort of becomes a department store for your business. If you want to see if you’d be a good fit for our community, give us a call!



Seems like it could be a waste of money spending on promo when you don’t know where you’re going as a company in the market. So we brought in a whiz-bang marketer and branding consultant.



Some people are happy to work from home or a coffee shop forever. The artists and entrepreneurs in this space are no longer satisfied with that space in their lives and have moved into shared spaces here, where they get the thrill of collaboration, community, and clientele!


Mastering & AV & DJ Companies

A beautiful room inspires beautiful music, which in turn inspires beautiful sound. We are excited to share our community with audio visual specialists, djs, and folks who can master any sound you have to share.



Come on, you know it. Coffee motivates, invigorates, and galvanizes creativity. Imagine the very best beans roasted locally. Imagine a steaming superfresh cup enjoyed in a light-filled gallery space with groovy tunes bursting out of the light bulbs. Are you feeling the adrenalin of creativity? We wanna provide an opportunity to relax or wind up, alone or with clients…


All rental memberships include

  • A productive, enjoyable place to work 24/7.
  • A receptionist!
  • Internet, desks, power and coffee. Or you can bring your own desk and chair and bookshelf!
  • An invitation to participate in the members-only discussion groups, lunches, and mixers.
  • Participation in social and learning events.
  • Free admission to any ibc-related events.
  • An incredible community of smart, friendly and helpful coworkers from all over the area.
  • Opportunities to host events of your own, including classes and workshops.
  • The use of our drop-in and reservable conference rooms and gathering spaces; this is available in a limited amount based on your rental agreement, but you can book them over and above for a fee.
  • Shared wireless broadband, use of kitchen & water coolers & microwave, etc., and use of all communal spaces as possible.
  • Free parking
  • Access to Good Coffee
  • Access to Atrium


Hot Desk membership specifics ($20/day)

  • First come first serve; must call in advance to guarantee space
  • Only available during operating hours
  • Can’t leave anything behind
  • Can’t chose style of desk
  • Do not get meeting room access for working; desks and atrium only
  • Grants membership status
  • May purchase Good Coffee mug for 10% off with ongoing coffee at $1 each; may purchase tokens for vendable hot drinks and Keurig pods.
  • Punch cards are also available, and are best stored in the main office.


Reserved Desk membership specifics ($400/month)

  • Space is available 24/7; you have a key and an alarm code.
  • You may access up to 5 hours of time in meeting rooms per month; must be prebooked.
  • Grants membership status
  • Full members have their own “permanent” desk – your own or one of ours if available (although we may need to switch it out during your stay…).
  • Private office members have their own lockable offices. You can leave your belongings behind!
  • Private office members pay a damage deposit equivalent to one month of membership at sign-up and 30 days’ notice is required to terminate office membership. A damage deposit is retained for damages that exceed normal office wear and tear (including but not limited to: Spills on carpet that require professional cleaning: $125, Holes larger than push-pin size that have to be filled and painted on walls/ceilings: up to $500 (Please use Command removable adhesives to hang things on walls), replacement for a physical key: $25, Broken window or door glass: cost of replacement.)
  • Storage space is available for an extra charge.
  • Shared printer in reserved desk space room; personal mailboxes.
  • On signing, you receive Good Coffee mug that can be filled with coffee at $1 each; each month, you receive 10 tokens for vendable hot drinks and Keurig pods.
  • You may receive mail at our address; it will be delivered to your mailbox by our office manager.
  • You may receive couriers at our address; our receptionist will intercept and sign when available.


Spark membership ($50/one year)

  • Access to 10% off boardroom and all other rental rates
  • Access to work in the atrium or hot desk 4 hours per month
  • Access to Good Coffee mug for 10% off and vendable coffee and Keurig tokens
  • Access to members only events


In the works

  • Games room
  • Secure bike rack
  • VIP cards for events for your clients