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Consider Our Spark for Your next Event!

Are you looking for a prime event venue in the Edmonton, AB area? Spark‘s event centre is located in Sherwood Park, a short 20-minute drive from downtown Edmonton. Our event centre strives to be a hub for community, creativity, and business. We believe that we can help each grow using a combination of collaboration and celebration. Beyond our event space, we also welcome you to check out our promotional products! We’re excited to hear from you, whether you’d like to make a purchase or reserve event space for your next gathering.

Colorful Tommy Douglas painting

Expect These Features at Our Event Centre

Our event centre is the perfect venue for your event, no matter the celebration! In the past, we’ve hosted all kinds of gatherings, from small family reunions to luxurious weddings. Our centre features a range of options when it comes to space. We can set up the area to cater to a business meeting, birthday party, and even specialty exercise classes. Our co-work offices and meeting rooms are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs in the region, and some have even used our space to host their own art classes. Other events you could use Spark‘s Event Centre include:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Fundraisers
  • Banquets

Enjoy Artwork from Glen Ronald

Perhaps the biggest selling point of booking our Event Centre is the chance to look upon beautiful and thought-provoking artwork. In the art gallery, you’ll find a selection of paintings that use color in innovative ways, often bordering on chaotic. However, artist Glen Ronald’s work always has a hint of order underlying all the chaos. Patrons of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy Ronald’s work that utilizes vibrant colors and features fascinating composition.

Meet the Artist

Glen Ronald doesn’t limit himself. Not only is he a lifelong artist, but he’s also educated in microbiology, experienced with steel working, and has taught overseas. He strives to create art that enthralls those who “don’t like art” as well. His paintings exhibit a variety of aesthetics, from goth to wildlife. While Glen’s pieces have lots of complicated parts, they remain accessible to everyone. Glen offers numerous ways to enjoy his art, including commissions, painting parties, and live painting.

A Note About Event Size

Please note that events are limited at this time. However, we are still holding small gatherings and events. For more information, reach out to us directly.

Get in Touch with Us Today