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What We Do at Spark

At Spark, we strive to meld the worlds of art and branding. We do so through a range of promotional products that you can request for your own business. We welcome corporate businesses and entrepreneurs looking looking for magnificent artwork to serve as part of their brand strategy. Our artist will work with you to create stunning promotional products for your company, group, or manufacturer. Over our 20 years in business, we’ve collaborated with numerous manufacturers on a wide array of promotional materials. Our process is mutually beneficial—you take advantage of top-notch artwork, and we have the privilege of sharing art with the world. We focus on the collaboration between art and branding to make your product come to life.

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Meet Glen Ronald

Glen Ronald started drawing and a child and never stopped. While art quickly became his passion, he dabbled in other things, including microbiology, steel working, and teaching overseas. Today, he creates artwork that encompasses all kinds of aesthetics, from goth to pop, and much more. Glen strives to create work that enraptures everyone, even those who don’t see themselves as “art people.” With vibrant colors and thought-provoking composition, Glen Ronald create both chaos and order.

What You Can Expect

When you work with Spark, the world is your oyster. Our artist, Glen Ronald, will collaborate with you or your design team to develop promotional materials that exude your brand. We can help you create art for nearly anything, from clothing to branded tote bags. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll work from there. Here are the manufactures we work with for your products:

Other Ways to Support Us

If developing promotional products doesn’t spark your interest, consider holding your next gathering at our Event Centre. Located just outside Edmonton, this venue is the ideal place for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and any other kind of celebration you can imagine. You and your guests will enjoy an expansive event space complete with breathtaking artwork.

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